Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions we have already been asked


Can we throw confetti?


Jessica: Yes! Cram as much of the stuff as you can in your bags and pockets! (The vicar just asks that it isn't made of foil)

Clifford: Or you can throw £20 notes, these are ok too.


If it's a festival style wedding, do I have to wear wellies?


Jessica: If you wish, but I'm not! (the flooring is suitable for high heels in case you were wondering)

Clifford: Wear whatever you like, as long as you can dance in them!


Is there an RSVP deadline?


Jessica: Yep it's the 30th of June.

Clifford: But it is easy to RSVP online, just click here


Is there a wedding gift list?


Jessica: No, please see our gifts page for more details click here

How can we make a gift donation?


Jessica: There will be a wishing well at the reception venue which you can place them in.

Clifford: Or you can transfer it directly, contact us for bank details.

Can I take photos?


Jessica: At the beginning and at the end of the ceremony (our official photographer will be taking photos during this time). We've also set up a photo treasure hunt and encourage as many photos as possible! Click here for more details.

Clifford: Yes, but as long as they are not of my dodgy dance moves at the end of the night!


What food will be available?


Jessica: There will be hog-roast and BBQ with vegetarian options, and our caterer can cater for any dietry requests, just make sure they are on your RSVP form.

Clifford: As it is mine and Jessicas wedding there will also be lots of cheese and cake!

What time shall we book our taxi home for?


Jessica: Carriages at midnight!

Clifford: Unless you fancy staying around and tidying up for us ;-)

What's this I hear about breakfast the next day?


Jessica: Basically we have booked the caterer to return the next day to provide a full hot buffet breakfast with a continental option. It is £10 each, this can be paid straight to either of us, or transferred to our account (so we can pay the caterer in advance).

Clifford: So if you fancy a decent brekkie (to soak up the alcohol!) accompanied by humorous tales from the night before, make sure you get the money to us before the big day.

Does the bar accept cards or is it cash only?


Jessica: There are card facilities behind the bar, however cash is easier and preffered by the venue.

Clifford: So if you want to buy us a drink feel free ;-) Please no Sabuca though!

If you have any questions at all regarding the wedding you can email us on